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      "Look, John!" cried Allegra, laughing, as she pointed to the hedge of red roses in front of them, and the clusters of creamy bloom hanging over the verandah. "The roses have been blooming ever since we came to Italy. It is always rose-time here. You remember our reading in the dedication of 'To Leeward' how Marion Crawford strewed his wife's pathway with roses on Christmas Day at Sorrento. We can find a flowery land for our honeymoon at any season of the year."Theres heaps of men who can do that, she said, half jealously.

      I hope Trafford has not tired you, my dear! he said. Come and tell me what you have seen. And he motioned her to a chair beside him.

      What are you going to do with that bullet? he asked. Wear it for a charm?

      "You are very kind; no, my dear Mrs. Hazelrigg, we won't dine with you to-night," answered Disney. "We have only just come up to town. We drove across the park to see you before going to our hotel. Our portmanteaux are waiting at[Pg 191] the door. We are in town for so short a time that I wanted to see you at onceparticularly as I havea rather foolish question to ask you."


      Yes, my lady; andas she got the dress from the white-wood wardrobethere are only two men-servants, a gardener and a groom, and the gardener sees to the cows. So different to Belfayre, isnt it, my lady? But its the prettiest place I ever saw; a paradise in a nut-shell, I call it. Will your ladyship wear the diamond or the pearl suite? Either will go with this dress.It was Trafford.


      Oh, yes, shes a friend of mine, said Lord Norman. She has a great many friends. She is one of the London belles."Yes, sir."


      On the way to town Trafford and Esmeralda said little. Both seemed lost in thought. Every now and then he glanced at her, and her beauty, so to speak, won upon him. If it had not been for the remembrance of Ada, with her strained face and anguished eyes, Esmeraldas loveliness would have filled him with delight; but he could not forget the woman who loved him, even in the presence of this lovely girl whom he had asked to be his wife.Of course, said Esmeralda.