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      Yes; its your show, he said, coolly. If Id only a-known jes a quarter of a mile backbut thats neither here nor there. Im coming. Save your powder!Trafford had wandered about in a Heaven-forsaken way from his rooms to the club, and through the park, just missing Norman by a minute or two; possessed by that restlessness which insomnia by night and brooding over his troubles by day had superinduced. If the porter had been in when Trafford wandered into the club on the second occasion, he would have heard of Normans call and inquiry for him, and the two men would have met, explanations would have ensued, and some portion of the awful load would have been lifted from Traffords mind. But the porter had gone out to meet[263] the young woman to whom he was engaged, and had not transferred Normans message to the footman.

      "Mary, Queen of Scots!" rejoiced Hilary. "That'll suit us both to the bone! And if it suits you too--"

      The girl's eyes melted with yearning, but the response was Flora's: "Simpleton! When you haven' the sense enough to take care of yourself!"

      The infantry captain, a transient steamboat acquaintance, used often afterward to say that he never saw anything prettier than those four wildly gladdened ladies unveiling in the shade of their parasols. I doubt if he ever did. He talked with Anna, who gave him so sweet an attention that he never suspected she was ravenously taking in every word the others dropped behind her.

      There not many minutes later you might have seen the four men amicably gathered and vying in clever speeches to pretty Mrs. Callender and her yet fairer though less scintillant step-daughter Anna.

      This equipage had come a three hours' drive, from the pretty town of Brandon, nearest point to which a railway train from the East would venture, and a glimpse into the vehicle would have shown you, behind Constance and beside Miranda, Anna, pale, ill, yet meeting every inquiry with a smiling request to push on. They were attempting a circuit of both armies to reach a third, Pemberton's, on the Big Black and in and around Vicksburg.


      "No," said Kincaid, "you come with me to this drill. Nobody'll take offence."


      "March!" commanded Bartleson.And leave Varley? she said. No; I must be there to give myself up. Oh, dont talk, dont argue! He may be riding to his death at this very moment! Come, I know the way; and in a frenzy of love and terror she struck her tired horse into a gallop.


      In the saddle all day, and not tired? She looks as fresh as when you started! he said to Trafford as Esmeralda ran, singing, up the steps. She is a marvel, my dear Trafforda marvel!